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OUR MEAT DISH Rump or Sirloin steak, basted. With a mushroom,
pepper or monkeygland sauce, it's a double tenner.
28. SURF AND TURF The best of both worlds, a combination of calamari and peppered steak with a Cajun flavouring (now on sale in our Fishmarket) found on an adventurous trip to the Bayou 225,00
29. LANDLUBBER'S LUCK For vegetarian diners we suggest a sushi platter, or mushrooms and creamy spinach on layers of phyllo-pastry basket 135,00
30. ROSTI CHICKEN By special request from the Captain's Table - bronzed filleted breast of chicken served on potato rosti 125,00
31. SUSHI @ THE WHARF Do feel welcome to choose from our special menu

32. PRAWNS KINGFISHER An extravaganza of prawns grilled with your choice of peri-peri, lemon or garlic butter-sauce 230,00
33. GRILLED LOBSTER Char-broiled to perfection with a choice of our famous lemon, spicy or garlic butter-sauces S.Q.
34. A TRIO OF LOBSTER TAILS Grilled with your choice of one of our butter-sauces. 475,00
FISHERMAN'S BASKET A boatload of calamari, prawns, mussels and fish, with (or without) lobster, especially created for the hungry mariner. Should passengers choose to share, kindly note that an additional R25,00 fare will be levied for the extra passenger
With the lobster
Without the lobster

37. CAPE BRANDY TART A sailor's homecoming treat, par excellence 50,00
38. THE BOSUN'S BONUS A slice of dreamy cheese cake, served with 'sauce de jour' 45,00
39. CRÈME BRÛLEÉ Made with Macadamia nuts and served with pride, plus pistachio biscotti on the side 50,00
40. MERMAID'S DESIRE Good, old-fashioned chocolate mousse presented on an edible white chocolate shell 55,00
41. AMERICAN SUNDAE A great reason for missing the boat 50,00
42. PAVLOVA, PAVLOVA Loaded with fruit of the season 55,00
43. WHARFETTE® BROWNIES With whipped cream and melted chocolate. Oh Buoy ! 55,00
44. CAPPUCCINO OR ESPRESSO Smooth sailing to round off the voyage 25,00
45. WHARFSIDE® COFFEE A fathomless cup of filter coffee 18,00
46. EMBRACING HOUTBAY The book about us, not edible, but well worth the read 285,00
47. CRAYCLUB ® NIGHTCAP Port, Grappa, Cognac or a Van Der Ham ? Please ask

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Please advise us of food allergies and do also remember fish have bones, so be careful

*Please note prices can change according to season and catch.

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